1 Day – 16 Sessions – 20+ Speakers

The first Verdantix Smart Building Technologies event brought together corporate and supplier speakers from firms like Disruptive Technologies, Deliveroo, ENGIE, Grosvenor, Honeywell, LGIM, Planon and Verizon as well as Heads of Estates Services, Directors of Estates & Facilities and Global Workplace Directors.

Do you have any unique and interesting insights? Find out more about becoming a speaker.

Become a Speaker

Do you have any unique and interesting insights on best practices for getting value from innovation in real estate & building technologies? Would you like to share your expertise with more than 120 real estate and facilities professionals? If so, read on.

  • Audience

    The Verdantix Smart Building Technologies Summit Europe will bring together more than 120 experts and users of real estate and facilities systems to share insights on how to improve outcomes with innovative technologies such as software, mobile apps, smart lighting, remote management, solutions for agile workplaces, virtual reality and data analytics. The audience will include dozens of Head of and Director-level attendees from corporations with revenues of €1 billion or more. Also in the audience will be C-level leaders from real estate and facilities software and environmental services firms.

  • Speaker Expertise

    We are seeking speakers with a high profile within their industry to participate in our panel debates. Prior speakers include Heads/Directors of real estate and facilities from Disruptive Technologies, Grosvenor, LGIM, Planon and Verizon. We welcome speakers from all industries and will select speakers based on your match between your expertise and our summit requirements.

Become a speaker at the Verdantix Smart Building Technologies Summit Europe 2019

Review the agenda and send us an email stating which topic you would like to speak on in the body of the email along with a profile/bio for yourself or the proposed speaker.

The Events Team | events@verdantix.com

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