Wayne Liko

Managing Partner


Wayne Liko is Managing Partner at Horizant and a Partner at FieldFLEX. With over 25 years in the Real Property and Facilities Management industry, Wayne has successfully led the Horizant team to consistent success and growth by focusing on building lasting client partnerships. Having previously worked directly for IWMS software manufacturers, Wayne has built a team at Horizant that combines deep technology knowledge with a thorough understanding of business needs across industries, for small, medium and large clients alike.


Wayne has extensive experience helping clients with business roadmaps. bridging the gaps between IT best practices, facilities management requirements and human resource needs. Other areas of expertise include mobile-first deployments, user experience driven technology solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) integration and more recently, working with clients to navigate the use of their existing data and technology in the face of uncertainty.


A board member with the Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC), Wayne has helped co-chair workshops, delivered webinars and assisted in building partnerships. As a co-chair to RPIC’s upcoming National Workshop, Wayne is contributing to finding the common ground and experiences between Public and Private sector organizations, improving the sharing of knowledge and experience within the facilities management community.

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