OCTOBER 7, 2020

Next & Best Practices:
Smarter & Safer Workplaces

In face of new and unprecedented challenges, real estate and facilities managers must rapidly assemble new strategies to manage their buildings. Experts agree that businesses can do much more to support their response to the COVID-19 crisis by leveraging existing and new technology. By attending the Verdantix event you will get wide-ranging insights from facilities and real estate leaders, technology experts and Verdantix analysts on the next and best practices to enhance your future workplace strategy.

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OCTOBER 7, 2020

Next & Best Practices:
Smarter & Safer Workplaces

10.00am ET

3.00pm BST

Live Video Introduction
10 minutes

Introduction: Smarter & Safer Workplaces

  • Susan Clarke, Research Director, Smart Buildings at Verdantix

Welcome to the expert-led Next & Best Practices virtual event series. Today’s session will provide executives with expert guidance to shape their workplace re-entry programmes and plan for a new paradigm for the future of work. Through live streaming videos, panel discussions, downloadable research content, live product demonstrations and interactive polls you will have the opportunity to learn from your facilities management peers and Verdantix analysts.

10.10am ET

3.10pm BST

Presentation Live Stream
30 minutes

Early Return-to-Workplace Lessons

Establishing best practices – The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging facility managers to dynamically react to evolving situations. This session will discuss how some early adopters have used data and technology to transition to safe return to work strategies. The case studies will focus on the lessons learned (so far) that can be adapted to your situation.

  • Simplify the steps and data
  • How to remain agile
  • It is impossible to anticipate everything

We will finish by looking at how these clients are building on initial findings to anticipate and plan for the inevitable changes in their portfolio.

10.40am ET

3.40pm BST

Live Video Stream
20 minutes

Smart Building Technology Planning During A Global Crisis

With many new competing demands on the facilities management function, identifying the most value-adding technology projects is challenging. In this session, our panellists will share their tips for prioritizing the technology investments that will have the biggest impact across workplace safety and cost reduction. The session will incorporate insights from live polling to benchmark your progress and plans relative to your peer group.

11.00am ET

4.00pm BST

Live Video Stream
30 minutes

Cost-Effective Facilities Management During COVID-19

  • Susan Clarke, Research Director, Smart Buildings at Verdantix
  • Gabrielle Rubin Deveaux, Head of Global Real Estate & Facilities at Riskified
  • David Sullivan, Chief Infrastructure and Support Services Officer at NYC Health + Hospitals
  • Tony Vargas, Global Head of Workplace at Sprinklr

This panel discussion brings together executives from healthcare and real estate to discuss low-cost initiatives for making your building COVID-19 safe while maintaining a good occupant experience. Our panellists will share their experiences in deploying quick wins initiatives such as HVAC filters, lighting disinfection technology, smart keys and sensors. Gain practical insights from your peers on the emerging best practices to make buildings safer cost effectively.

11.30am ET

4.30pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Using Space Management Software To Succeed With Your Agile Working Programme

Get up to speed on the most recent developments in technology that supports workplace management.

11.50am ET

4.50pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Workplace 2.0: A New Technology for a New Workplace

Addressing today’s workplace realities requires a completely different perspective and approach. Organizations need next generation technology, focused on adaptability, constant innovation and simplicity to accurately assess, plan and execute current and future workplace requirements.

12.10pm ET

5.10pm BST

Live Video Stream
30 minutes

Imagining The Future Smart Building

  • Ibrahim Yate, Industry Analyst at Verdantix
  • Michelle Lindgren, Vice President, Workplace Innovation at Wells Fargo
  • Brett Sample, Vice President at Tango
  • Breck Snyder, Enterprise Sales Consultant at SpaceIQ

As firms plan permanent shifts towards hybrid and remote working, many business executives are re-thinking the role of the office. In this panel debate, technology innovators and real estate experts explore future visions for offices helping you plan for the future. The session will incorporate insights from live polling to benchmark your progress and your plans relative to your peer group.

What to expect

The Verdantix virtual event series combines Next Practices advice to inform your strategy with actionable Best Practices insights. The “Next & Best” events are delivered by Verdantix research experts, experienced corporate managers and recognized technology innovators.

Best practice insights from experienced managers

Next practice advice from technology innovators

Downloadable, high quality research content

Streaming video, live polling and ask the expert service

Research-based ideas for the new global context

Valuable real-world connections on a virtual platform

Ask The Expert

Get your voice heard and your question answered by one of our expert panel members using the moderated Q&A channel.

Live Polling

The most advanced live polling tools give you the opportunity to express your opinion and get a sense check on what your peer group thinks.

Virtual Exhibition

Explore new technologies, network with the expert innovators and schedule follow up meetings to inform your next practices.

Live Best Practice Discussions

Learn from the hard-won experience of managers as they discuss with Verdantix research leaders what went well – and what didn’t – with their digitization projects.

Mixed Media Presentations

Benefit from live video streaming of presenters and panel discussions as well as product demos and next and best practice content.

Active involvement for all attendees

Our virtual events combine live stream video, interactive tools, a technology exhibition room and different presentation formats to ensure all attendees can get involved as much as they want.

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Who attends

We welcome Facilities and Real Estate professionals from global organizations representing a variety of industries.

VP of Buildings

Dir of Real Estate, Facility

Asset Manager

Facility Operations Manager

Environmental Manager

Estates Innovation Manager

Real Estate Investor

IWMS Implementation Lead

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Verdantix produces the ‘Next & Best’ Practices Summits on a complimentary basis for professionals who buy, implement and use technology and related services. The credentials of all registrants are reviewed and approved by Verdantix.




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Frequently asked questions

We’re happy to help answer any questions you have. You can email us at events@verdantix.com or see our FAQ section

What is the approval process to attend?

A Verdantix representative will review each registration and approve people registered with a work email address who are employed by organizations that buy the digital technologies and services presented in the virtual summit.

Is there a fee to attend?

There is no fee to attend for eligible corporate and public sector registrants.

Is the event content on-demand?

Yes, you will be able to access recorded content directly on the virtual event platform for up to 2 weeks after the event.

I am not a Verdantix research client can I attend?

Yes (if you meet the eligibility criteria).

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