Dmitry Kolmakov

Safety Director


Safety executive with 25 years of experience in a different role in HSE. Starting as an Environmental control engineer at Ford Motor Company back in 1995 and progressing via upgrading level roles at Shell Exploration and Production, Kraft Heinz and PepsiCo to my current position of Safety Director in the biggest foreign gas and coal power producer in Russia – Unipro, daughtered company to Uniper.


My main achievements trough my current career are:

  • Fatal accident decreases on 30% YOY and bringing it to ZERO
  • Lost Time Injury Rate decrease on 30% (over period of 4 years)
  • Vehicle Collision rate by Distance decrease on 53% (8500 own trucks and cars) (over period of 2 years)
  • Development and implementation of focused accident reduction programs (working at heights, confined spaces, contractor’s management, fleet safety, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of the tools for safety culture level assessment and implementation of measures to improve the safety culture level, engage of all levels in organization from a front-line level up to a leadership team (including but not limited launching Safety Action Team on a front line levels and a creation of a quarterly H&S Leadership steering committee, chaired and occupied by VP level senior leadership teams members).
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