Emeric Denis

IWMS and Technology Implementation Specialist


I’ve been introduced to my first IWMS at Barclay’s new WHQ in Canary Wharf in 2004, and my last 2 roles were Global Head of Workspace Data for Morgan Stanley, and more recently IWMS Implementation Lead for Strategic Estates in Houses of Parliament.


In my experience for an Enterprise Technology to be fully exploited and provide the best return it needs to be well integrated and well adopted by the rest of the organisation. The greater the integration the greater the benefits, but regardless of the project’s scale enterprise solutions can be deceivingly more complex than originally thought; it is easy to underestimate the workload and resources required for a new system to become operational, and equally easy to underestimate the amount of change necessary for the organisation to adjust to the adoption of that new technology.


This is why over the years our approach to enterprise technology implementations has shifted from a straight-forward single tier deployment to a much more controlled, leaner, well measured, and hopefully wiser methodology.

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