Mark Carter

Managing Director

RAP International

When asked to do this, I thought that constructing a CV seems a bit irrelevant when you’ve been running a company for 25 years.  When you work for someone else, the role you play at each point in your career is important in terms of delivery of objectives, racking up the successes, impressing your boss.  Working for yourself means that you’ve no-one to impress and your personal successes are measured by the performance of the company.  However, looking back at life before RAP International, I can now see how some of the roles I played, contributed to the original development of RAP and to the continuing success of the company. In the 20 years prior to RAP International, I have sailed the Great Lakes as a young Chemical Engineer trying to get on-board water treatment devices sanctioned for inland use.  I’ve fine-tuned a mis-firing hydrogenation unit on a Cracker until it sang like a bird.  The Laboratory I ran allowed me to construct a great Quality system.  One that didn’t just kowtow to the directives of BS5750 but actually (I think) delivered real quality.  There are many more experiences.

I believe that the lessons learned in that time have contributed greatly to the success we have had with RAP International.  Successes that have seen our product used in over 30 countries and 26 languages engaged in helping keep thousands of people safe every working day.  Those foundations of wanting to make things work better, not being afraid of detail and putting the user first have, I believe, defined the product and the company and made them what they are today.

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