EHS Services Firms: Digitize Or Die?

Consulting firms have a traditional way of working based on technical expertise and time and material rates. It’s no different for EHS consulting firms which sell into Europe’s multi-billion dollar market for remediation, impact assessments, product compliance and emissions management. But can these traditional consulting business models and engagement practices continue unchanged in the face of digital innovation? To find out Verdantix undertook a survey of 136 EHS consultants and we heard that the starting gun has already been fired on digitizing EHS services. We heard that 42% believe digital technology is essential to succeed in delivering EHS services. The survey respondents told us that improving the efficiency of project delivery, responding to client requests for the use of technology and enhancing the quality of deliverables were the three most significant drivers. As EHS decision-makers continue to be bombarded with technology propositions ranging from EHS software to incident management mobile apps, inspection drones and collision warning systems, consultants need to become much more conversant in advising on technology selection and implementing projects. If you’re a practice leader who needs help to advance your proposition development try out the Verdantix HSE Innovation Summit focus group format. For a full hour you’ll get exclusive access to 12 senior EHS decision-makers in a closed-door environment to share your ideas and get valuable feedback.

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