JUNE 17, 2021

10:00am-12:40am ET | 3:00pm-5:40pm BST

Next & Best Practices:
Future of the Smart Workplace

For many years firms have been transitioning towards agile workplaces to drive the more efficient use of real estate. In 2021, these trends are accelerating, with firms setting out plans to rapidly adopt hybrid working, with staff working between home and the office. By attending this Verdantix virtual event, you will hear advice from experts and your peers on how to implement a successful workplace strategy and build a new vision for high-performing offices. This event a must-attend for facilities, HR and real estate executives on the front line for delivering new workplace strategies.

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JUNE 17, 2021

Next & Best Practices:
Future of the Smart Workplace

10.00am ET

3.00pm BST

Live Video Introduction
10 minutes

Introduction: The Global Transition To Hybrid Working

  • Susan Clarke, Research Director, Smart Buildings at Verdantix

Following the pandemic, organizations are rethinking how work is done and the future role of offices in creating productive working lives for employees. This opening session will set the stage for the virtual event by sharing fresh Verdantix research on global workplace trends and technology programmes.

10.10am ET

3.10pm BST

Presentation Live Stream
30 minutes

IBM Global Real Estate Helps Lead A Smarter Re-Entry

  • Susan Clarke, Research Director, Smart Buildings at Verdantix
  • Marianne Flores, Director, Global Real Estate Operations, Integrated Solutions CoE at IBM

Like a wildfire that defies containment, COVID-19 began spreading worldwide in 2020. With approximately 350,000 employees in 170 countries, IBM sought to draw on its vast experience and technological resources to help protect not only its own employees, clients and partners but also those of other enterprises. GRE collaborated with site executives and crisis management teams to move 95% of IBM’s global employees from the office to home.


The organization also lost no time in establishing front-door processes for temperature and symptom screening for onsite essential workers. Inside buildings, it reinforced personal hygiene, social distancing and other established health guidelines with signage and other tactics. As the organization looked ahead to how to safely reopen sites once governments eased restrictions, IBM GRE, teamed with other IBM leaders and human resources to develop the IBM Return to Workplace Playbook. The playbook provides a comprehensive decision-making framework and checklist for all phases of re-entry, including site assessment readiness, preparation and safety.


During the pandemic, use of innovative technologies became even more critical to the GRE organization. To address the complexities associated with helping ensure the health and safety of all IBM employees, GRE collaborated with a broader IBM team to develop the IBM Watson Works™ suite, which enables data-driven, evidence-based decision-making in the following critical areas: Workplace re-entry and facilities management, Workplace safety and contact tracing and care management.


GRE was the first organization, ‘client zero’ to use Watson Works solutions. By January 2021, GRE had implemented Watson Works solutions in 370 locations. By transforming its COVID-19 response and compliance processes, GRE ensured that IBM teams that need to make faster, pandemic-related decisions—including site and business unit leaders, country general managers and crisis management teams—have quicker access to key insights. the GRE team reduced the time to complete space utilization analysis for a location by 99%, from 10 days to 10 minutes. In addition, with highly accurate space utilization data, GRE leaders can IBM Global Real Estate helps lead a smarter re-entry and optimize usage and expenses across IBM’s global portfolio.


GRE helped IBM pivot, almost overnight, to help stop the spread of COVID-19, reinforce trust in employees, and put itself front and center into the equation of how we safeguard IBMers as they return to work. Join us for this session to learn more.

10.40am ET

3.40pm BST

Live Video Stream
20 minutes

Using Technology To Support Your New Workplace Programme

  • Susan Clarke, Research Director, Smart Buildings at Verdantix

As firms move towards new ways of working, they will need new digital tools that help manage flexible workspaces and bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. In this session, IBM will share customer stories on how technology can play a fundamental role in helping firms ease the workplace transition while also creating an excellent employee experience.

11.00am ET

4.00pm BST

Live Video Stream
40 minutes

Best Practices For Operationalizing A Successful Hybrid Working Strategy

  • Susan Clarke, Research Director, Smart Buildings at Verdantix
  • Chris Early, Estates & Development Manager at Telefonica O2
  • Karen Gill, Real Estate Executive
  • Nishit Shah, Senior Manager, Smart Buildings at Cadillac Fairview

With many organizations announcing new plans to transition to hybrid working, facilities and workplace teams are often on the front line for operationalizing these strategies. To be successful, workplace leaders will need to navigate multiple challenges from employee pushback to identifying the right technology solutions. This panel brings together corporate real estate and facilities leader to explore:

  • What are the pitfalls to avoid in agile and hybrid working?
  • What are the steps to take for successful hotdesking?
  • How can firms ensure inclusivity for remote workers?
  • How can FM leaders form valuable alliances with HR and IT?

11.30am ET

4.30pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Planon – The Future Workplace: Using Technology To Adapt And Respond To Hybrid Work

How do you ensure safe, productive, and engaging environments that both support and delight their occupants? How do they accommodate employees’ newfound freedom of choice concerning where and when they work? How can technology help to overcome the new cultural, engagement and productivity challenges? In this session, Planon will elaborate on its vision on the new workplace experience.

11.50am ET

4.50pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Tango Analytics: The Real-Time Occupancy Management Imperative

  • Ibrahim Yate, Industry Analyst at Verdantix
  • Bart Waldeck, Chief Marketing Officer & SVP Product Strategy at Tango Analytics

The dynamic workplace is here to stay, but no one really has a clear understanding of the workplace implications now, or in the future. What we do know is many things will be different, and legacy processes, tools and technologies are inadequate when it comes to the new reality of real estate strategy and space management. Join us and learn how the office of the future is turning into a real-time optimization puzzle between a fixed supply and variable demand for space, and how finding a daily equilibrium that meets employee needs and drives utilization is the new imperative.

12.10pm ET

5.10pm BST

Live Video Stream
30 minutes

Next Practices For Creating A Strategic Role For The Office

While some market commentators have predicted the end for offices, leading firms are starting to develop entirely new visions for offices as strategic hubs and collaboration centres. In this session, real estate and technology experts will challenge our thinking by exploring their future strategic role for physical workplaces. This panel will explore:

  • How to align office strategies with business objectives?
  • What do employees want from an office today?
  • What should the office of the future deliver?
  • What actions can workplace managers take today?

What to expect

The Verdantix virtual event series combines Next Practices advice to inform your strategy with actionable Best Practices insights. The “Next & Best” events are delivered by Verdantix research experts, experienced corporate managers and recognized technology innovators.

Best practice insights from experienced managers

Next practice advice from technology innovators

Downloadable, high quality research content

Streaming video, live polling and ask the expert service

Research-based ideas for the new global context

Valuable real-world connections on a virtual platform

Ask The Expert

Get your voice heard and your question answered by one of our expert panel members using the moderated Q&A channel.

Live Polling

The most advanced live polling tools give you the opportunity to express your opinion and get a sense check on what your peer group thinks.

Virtual Exhibition

Explore new technologies, network with the expert innovators and schedule follow up meetings to inform your next practices.

Live Best Practice Discussions

Learn from the hard-won experience of managers as they discuss with Verdantix research leaders what went well – and what didn’t – with their digitization projects.

Mixed Media Presentations

Benefit from live video streaming of presenters and panel discussions as well as product demos and next and best practice content.

Active involvement for all attendees

Our virtual events combine live stream video, interactive tools, a technology exhibition room and different presentation formats to ensure all attendees can get involved as much as they want.

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Who attends

We welcome real estate and facility professionals from global organizations representing a variety of industries.

Head of Workplace

VP/Head of Real Estate & Facilities Management

Head of HR

VP/Heads of IT

Innovation Manager

Property/Asset Manager

Operations Manager

Energy/Environmental Manager

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Verdantix produces the ‘Next & Best’ Practices events on a complimentary basis for professionals who buy, implement and use technology and related services. The credentials of all registrants are reviewed and approved by Verdantix.

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Yes, you will be able to access recorded content directly on the virtual event platform for up to 2 weeks after the event.

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Yes (if you meet the eligibility criteria).

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