Charting The Future For EHS Technologies: From R&D Through Launch, Growth And Maturity

We have launched the 2019 version of the Verdantix Tech Roadmap for EHS Technologies. As an independent research firm, we see this report as important for informing corporate decision-makers about available EHS technologies, identifying vendors and their offerings, and helping define the technological outlook for the larger market.

We assessed the business value, use cases and state of development for 25 technologies utilized in the EHS landscape. This iteration of the research builds on the 2017 analysis, adding 6 new technologies—such as exoskeletons, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and wearable devices—and further defining the value of existing technologies—such as EHS software, SDS databases and stack emission monitors. We also explored solutions by their ability to serve four EHS use cases—mobile workforce, regulatory compliance, worker safety and management, and workforce training.

We are in an exciting technological age, with Industry 4.0 in full effect and new software, platforms and devices entering the market almost daily. However, EHS practitioners should not make the mistake of looking at emerging technologies with rose-coloured glasses. The Tech Roadmap is as an important tool for EHS professionals to explore the potential of individual solutions to enhance their management activities by classifying each technology’s capabilities, phase of maturity and pace of innovation. As today’s EHS role increasingly focuses on innovation, decision-makers need to make informed decisions about which technologies are worth their investments, whether now or in the future.

To learn more about EHS technology innovations apply to attend the forthcoming webinar, “2019 Roadmap For EHS Technologies,” which will take place on February 21.

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