Philip Bunting

Director of Health, Safety, and Facilities

Sarah Cannon/HCA

Philip Bunting serves as the Director of Health, Safety and Facilities at Sarah Cannon/HCA. Philip has more than 20+ years of law enforcement and public safety experience before retiring in 2017. His previous roles included supporting patrol divisions and specialized enforcement teams such as Immigration, Sex and Human Trafficking, Narcotics/Vice and High Risk Warrants Divisions. In addition, he spent time as a military defense contractor protecting US assets abroad.

Philip joined HCA in 2010 as a Finance Director and transitioned to Health and Safety in 2017. He oversees Emergency Operations, Facilities Groups, Physical Security, Business Continuity, OSHA, Occupational Health compliance and acts as the Chemical/HAZMAT Officer for Sarah Cannon.

Philip holds multiple instructorships including advanced instructorship for AVADE, a nationally accredited workplace violence / active shooter prevention program that includes level II and III self-defense against armed and unarmed persons and was recipient of the National Law Enforcement Call to Service Award from President Obama in 2011.

Philip currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and daughters.

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