Increasing Complexity Of Chemical Regulations Is Driving Demand For Chemical Management Software

Professionals who manage chemicals in their products or facilities are facing increasing government regulations and customer demands for health and safety. Verdantix research has identified tightening restrictions throughout the world, concentrated in Europe and individual states in the U.S., but also emerging across APAC and developing countries (see Product Compliance: Market Size And Forecast 2018-2022 (Global)).

As of November 2018, the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) legislation regulates over 500 substances for every European product manufacturer, supplier, buyer and seller. Since the EU market extends well beyond the region, this legislation effectively has become a global baseline. Similarly, under its Safer Consumer Products and Proposition 65 regulations, California is working to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in industry and identify safer alternatives. AS a result, California also has become a standard that industries must meet.

In the face of such requirements, EHS managers are boosting the resources to track and report their adherence. For example, our recent global survey of 411 EHS decision-makers found that 25% of respondents expected to increase their spending on chemical and hazardous waste compliance during 2019 (see Global EHS Leaders Survey 2018: Budgets, Priorities & Tech Preferences). Furthermore, 60% of these EHS executives utilize software at multiple facilities or across all their operations to assist with chemical and hazardous waste compliance.

EHS software vendors continue to integrate new regulatory content into their platforms to help firms monitor and report their chemical use. One chemical management tool is the MSDSonline platform of VelocityEHS. Recently, the vendor expanded the software’s features, redesigned its user interface and upgraded its search engine. VelocityEHS increased the regulatory database to contain over 70 lists of regulated chemicals and Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) numbers for 300,000 substances. The firm also reformulated MSDSonline to provide enterprise-wide chemical management. Now EHS managers can track chemicals moving through multiple facilities, label hazardous materials and flag quantities within individual containers.

In light of the growing interest in enterprise-wide chemical management, Verdantix will expand our coverage of product stewardship trends during 2019 and help identify resources for EHS managers. If you want to learn more about our focus on these issues and how you can participate in this research, then please contact us.

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