EHS & OPEX Innovation Summit Americas 2020

Achieving EHS & Operational Excellence With Innovative Technologies

Create A Memorable Experience At The Lost Pines Resort
September 15-17, 2020


The tenth Verdantix Summit convenes senior managers in EHS, operations and engineering roles from diverse industries to share insights on how to improve EHS & OPEX outcomes with innovative technologies such as software, mobile apps, drones, in-vehicle monitoring, virtual reality training, smart PPE and data analytics. EHS and operations leaders need to craft a new mission statement which aligns with delivering value to the business rather than policing compliance with EHS regulations. There is a burning need to reposition the EHS function away from being a cost of doing business. There is a growing realization that EHS performance has a significant impact on operational – and therefore financial - performance. Risk-centric EHS management systems are delivering superior results to compliance-centric approaches. Verdantix research shows that executing on this new business value mission statement for EHS can be better achieved by supporting changes in people and process with better data and technology.

EHS Americas Summit 2019 Highlights


The Verdantix EHS & OPEX Summit Americas in 2020 will gather more than 200 EHS & OPEX leaders and technology executives at the Lost Pines Resort to share perspectives on how this new mission statement can be fulfilled. Building on the prior summits in Chicago, Amsterdam, Houston, London and Atlanta, the Verdantix EHS & OPEX summit has become a unique gathering of executives from the entire EHS and operations ecosystem; aiming to equip you with new connections, a broad understanding of the EHS & OPEX technology landscape and the courage to launch new change initiatives.

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