APRIL 14, 2021

10:00am-12:40am ET | 3:00pm-5:40pm BST

Next & Best Practices:
Improving ESG Disclosures And Performance

For several years, the world’s largest financial information providers have invested heavily in ESG data platforms, ratings and indices. Executives at listed firms now need to actively engage with investors’ ESG agenda by investing in new information architectures, enhancing the granularity of disclosures and overhauling ESG risk management. By attending the Verdantix virtual event you will hear from experts and practitioners on how to invest in a corporate ESG strategy that delivers better control over ESG risks and performance whilst also meeting the wide-ranging requests for disclosure from investors and regulators.

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APRIL 14, 2021

Next & Best Practices:
Improving ESG Disclosures And Performance

10.00am ET

3.00pm BST

Live Video Introduction
10 minutes

Introduction: Priorities For Corporate ESG Strategies In 2021

As the world economy emerges from the ravages of the pandemic, CEOs and CFOs find themselves under pressure to respond to a rapidly expanding ESG agenda. This opening sessions sets the stage to understand the key ESG work streams that executives should prioritize in 2021.

10.10am ET

3.10pm BST

Presentation Live Stream
30 minutes

EY: Integrating ESG Management and Reporting

  • Bryn Pittinger, Manager: Climate Change and Sustainability Services at EY

The most urgent item on the corporate ESG agenda is to meet the ballooning requirements of financial markets for investment-grade data. But with no immediate prospect of an IFRS-style set of agreed definitions and accounting standards firms need to craft their own ESG information strategy. During this session you will learn from global experts on ESG digital strategies. Attendees will hear how they can make savvy investments to meet current ESG disclosure needs whilst also enhancing their internal controls, insight into climate change risks and management toolkit to improve ESG performance.

10.40am ET

3.40pm BST

Live Video Stream
20 minutes

Expert Q&A: Aligning Investments In ESG & Sustainability Initiatives With Real Market Pressure

As many sectors recover from the pandemic, CFOs will be under pressure to minimize spend on projects with non-obvious ROI. By participating in this expert Q&A session you will better understand how to link potential investments in ESG and sustainability projects with real market drivers. The discussion will zero in on the real market drivers in 2021 and 2022 which will necessitate action and filter out the background noise.

11.00am ET

4.00pm BST

Live Video Stream
30 minutes

Best Practices For Operationalizing ESG Improvement Strategies

  • Pam Bobbitt, Vice President, Innovation at Verdantix
  • Simon King, Director of Sustainability and Social Value at Mitie
  • Adrian Rimmer, Partner, Sustainable Business & ESG at Finsbury Glover Hering

Investing in a sustainability programme which meets ESG objectives implies work streams for disclosures, risk management, new operational controls and portfolio repositioning. Many executives lack a strategic blueprint to help them understand how to implement a management system that enables them to operationalize their ESG ambitions. Attendees will hear from the experience of three executives who have walked further down this road. They’ll share their lessons learnt and offer a framework to follow for other firms seeing to operationalize their ESG strategies.

11.30am ET

4.30pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Benchmark Digital: Translating ESG Commitments to Investment-grade Results

  • Stephanie Haines, Senior Europe Subscriber Development Manager at Benchmark Digital Partners LLC
  • Donavan Hornsby, Corporate Development & Strategy Officer at Benchmark Digital Partners LLC

The most pressing concern for CEOs and CFOs in 2021 will be to translate the commitments their organizations have made to practical and validated reality. This requires functional disciplines across the enterprise to align enterprise wide objectives with operational targets and execution at the process and people level. In this session, the Benchmark team will share insights and digital solution demonstration into how global organizations are prioritizing ESG focus areas and operationalizing them through functional programs with impactful results.

11.50am ET

4.50pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Golder: Combining ESG And Infrastructure Planning

  • Kevin Seel, Associate, Senior Environmental Consultant at Golder

Much of the critical infrastructure that supports society is reaching the end of service life and will require replacement or significant upgrades to continue to meet demand growth and the changing needs of a low-carbon society. Engineers, planners and investors in the coming decades must address this formidable challenge while meeting ESG and regulatory goals as well as earning social licence. Golder has developed a suite of ESG planning and decision-support tools (GoldSET) to help determine the most suitable infrastructure configuration that incorporate environmental, social, technical, economic and regulatory factors in a transparent, systematic and defensible way. Examples of projects where GoldSET has been successfully applied will be discussed including electrical transmission, pipelines, and industrial siting through highly complex urban and natural landscapes.

12.10am ET

5.10pm BST

Live Video Stream
30 minutes

Next Practices For Corporate Sustainability Strategies That Deliver For ESG Investors

The next three years will see convergence between the corporate world of sustainability and the financial markets world of ESG. Participate in this session to hear how three experts anticipate the sustainability/ESG convergence will evolve over the next three years. Use these insights to inform your future planning so you don’t fall behind the pack or over-invest ahead of the curve.

What to expect

The Verdantix virtual event series combines Next Practices advice to inform your strategy with actionable Best Practices insights. The “Next & Best” event are delivered by Verdantix research experts, experienced corporate managers and recognized technology innovators.

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Learn from the hard-won experience of managers as they discuss with Verdantix research leaders what went well – and what didn’t – with their digitization projects.

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Our virtual event combine live stream video, interactive tools, a technology exhibition room and different presentation formats to ensure all attendees can get involved as much as they want.

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