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Independence – Curiosity – Accuracy – Sustainability – Confidentiality

Verdantix is an independent research and consulting firm with expertise in environment, health, safety and quality, operational risk, as well as smart building technologies. Through our research and advisory services we help corporate managers, investors, technology executives and service firm leaders to make robust, fact-based decisions. We are committed to delivering objective, timely and accurate analysis to help our clients succeed.

  • EHS Research Coverage

    Since 2008, Verdantix has conducted research into a wide range of innovative technologies that can be used to enhance EHS, industrial risk, and quality outcomes. Our research is conducted to help EHS professionals better understand what technologies are available, why it makes sense to implement technologies and how to do so effectively.

  • We currently produce research on:

    • EHS software platforms covering all processes
    • Mobile apps for EHS usage scenarios
    • Wearable technology including fatigue monitoring, digital safety vests and sensors
    • Drones for industrial inspections and environmental mapping
    • Vehicle safety, telematics and driver behaviour monitoring
    • Data management and analytics tools


Verdantix research solutions meet your requirements for cost effective hard data, unique analysis, informed opinion and timely insight into the business issues which matter most to you and your organization. Verdantix covers:

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