MAY 12, 2021

10:00am-12:40am ET | 3:00pm-5:40pm BST

Next & Best Practices:
Connected Workers For Safe Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a new urgency amongst firms to implement connected worker solutions for ensuring continuity of business operations while keeping frontline workers safe. For firms aiming to move ahead with their connected worker strategies, this Verdantix Summit will provide practical advice on getting value from digital technology such as industrial wearables, mobile apps and software solutions. Attendees will gain wide-ranging insights from EHS and operations executives, technology experts and Verdantix analysts on the next and best practices to enhance your connected worker strategy.

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MAY 12, 2021

Next & Best Practices:
Connected Workers For Safe Operations

10.00am ET

3.00pm BST

Live Video Introduction
10 minutes

Introduction: Connected Worker Strategies And Technologies

  • Bill Pennington, Research Director, Environment, Health & Safety at Verdantix

Welcome to the expert-led Next & Best Practices virtual event series. Today’s session will provide executives with expert guidance to shape their understanding and adoption of connected worker solutions. Through live streaming videos, panel discussions, downloadable research content, live product demonstrations and interactive polls you will have the opportunity to learn from your peers and Verdantix analysts.

10.10am ET

3.10pm BST

Presentation Live Stream
30 minutes

Demo Featuring Title Sponsor Intelex

  • Bill Pennington, Research Director, Environment, Health & Safety at Verdantix

Firms are increasingly seeking to adopt digital tools to gain visibility into their operations while protecting workers and driving efficiency. While connected worker technologies offer this opportunity, care needs to be placed in positioning your workforce to best leverage these solutions. Gain practical insights from this technology expert on how to best develop your digital strategies to support a connected worker ecosystem.

10.40am ET

3.40pm BST

Live Video Stream
20 minutes

Q&A Session Featuring Title Sponsor Intelex

  • Bill Pennington, Research Director, Environment, Health & Safety at Verdantix

As the EHS function continues its digitization trend, executives will look to identify the best available connected solutions to reduce workplace risk. By participating in this expert Q&A session you will better understand what connected worker technologies exist to support your health and safety initiatives. The discussion will zero in on the most applicable and impactful EHS use cases for connected worker technologies and how to best utilize these solutions.

11.00am ET

4.00pm BST

Live Video Stream
30 minutes

Best Practices: Building Business Resilience With Connected Worker Solutions

  • Bill Pennington, Research Director, Environment, Health & Safety at Verdantix

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for digital solutions to support business resilience and ensure continuity during black swan events. Connected worker solutions offer firms a means of building agility and flexibility into their operations by enabling workers to perform processes with higher visibility or remotely. Our expert panel will explore practical steps for moving towards building resiliency into your operations by leveraging connected worker technologies. The panel will explore this topic from multiple dimensions, from change management to technology roadmaps.

11.30am ET

4.30pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Cognibox: Are You Equipped To Fulfil Your Contractor Management System Program’s Goals?

Get up to speed on the most recent developments in technology directly from the innovators in the industry. This technology innovator will share insights into the role of facilitating contractor management and worker activities with digital permit to work

11.50am ET

4.50pm BST

Live Demo
20 minutes

Guardhat: Putting The “worker” In Connected Worker Solutions

Much of the IIoT was built for machines. When it comes to safety, solutions must ingest, manage and analyze the data that people make and use – unstructured, dynamic data from audio, visual to biometric. Guardhat will demonstrate their IIoP – industrial internet of people – solution, including cutting-edge, ruggedized wearable devices, connected worker platform, and front-end software options for monitoring and managing safety.

12.10pm ET

5.10pm BST

Live Video Stream
30 minutes

Next Practices: Connected Worker Technologies For Real-Time Risk Management Across Assets And Workers

In this panel debate, learn from technology innovators and Verdantix analysts on how connected worker solutions enable cross-functional collaboration between safety and operations for integrated risk management. Participate in this session to hear how the connected worker market will evolve over the next two years and how you can get started with your connected worker technology project.

What to expect

The Verdantix virtual event series combines Next Practices advice to inform your strategy with actionable Best Practices insights. The “Next & Best” events are delivered by Verdantix research experts, experienced corporate managers and recognized technology innovators.

Best practice insights from experienced managers

Next practice advice from technology innovators

Downloadable, high quality research content

Streaming video, live polling and ask the expert service

Research-based ideas for the new global context

Valuable real-world connections on a virtual platform

Ask The Expert

Get your voice heard and your question answered by one of our expert panel members using the moderated Q&A channel.

Live Polling

The most advanced live polling tools give you the opportunity to express your opinion and get a sense check on what your peer group thinks.

Virtual Exhibition

Explore new technologies, network with the expert innovators and schedule follow up meetings to inform your next practices.

Live Best Practice Discussions

Learn from the hard-won experience of managers as they discuss with Verdantix research leaders what went well – and what didn’t – with their digitization projects.

Mixed Media Presentations

Benefit from live video streaming of presenters and panel discussions as well as product demos and next and best practice content.

Active involvement for all attendees

Our virtual events combine live stream video, interactive tools, a technology exhibition room and different presentation formats to ensure all attendees can get involved as much as they want.

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Who attends

We welcome environment, health & safety and operations professionals from global organizations representing a variety of industries.


Director of Safety

HSEQ Director

Head of Health & Safety

Health, Safety & Environment Lead

VP/Dir of Operations

Process Safety Manager

Asset Performance Manager

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Verdantix produces the ‘Next & Best’ Practices events on a complimentary basis for professionals who buy, implement and use technology and related services. The credentials of all registrants are reviewed and approved by Verdantix.

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Frequently asked questions

We’re happy to help answer any questions you have. You can email us at or see our FAQ section

What is the approval process to attend?

A Verdantix representative will review each registration and approve people registered with a work email address who are employed by organizations that buy the digital technologies and services presented in the virtual summit.

Is there a fee to attend?

There is no fee to attend for eligible corporate and public sector registrants.

Is the event content on-demand?

Yes, you will be able to access recorded content directly on the virtual event platform for up to 2 weeks after the event.

I am not a Verdantix research client can I attend?

Yes (if you meet the eligibility criteria).

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